Private events

There is always an opportunity to celebrate, and with that comes the chance for delicious food and drink. When you entrust us with the catering, you can enjoy the celebration properly – and without worry. Whether you’re planning a gala dinner or a garden party, we offer a wide range of cuisines, including Czech, Mediterranean and Asian.

Here are a few options:

Gala dinner – a multi-course menu with a compulsory toast!

Combination buffet – there is a buffet for everyone to choose from, but we also have hot dishes for those who like their food hot.

Tasting – tasting steaks or experiential tapas.

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We can ensure that our food will not disappoint you:

Our experience in catering for private events such as birthdays, graduations and other celebrations is invaluable. Thanks to this rich history, we are firmly convinced that our treats will not only appeal to your senses, but also delight you with their flawlessness and memorability. Your guests will enjoy an exquisite dining experience that will be long remembered.

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